Just Getting Started

It is time to get started. The blank page and my own fears have stood as roadblocks for my writing long enough. I have sought out advice, insight, looked for the secret I was missing to becoming a writer, and put a lot of thought into how to write amazing and inspiring posts.

As you might have guessed, all of this has done nothing for my capability as a writer. There is no secret, there is no profound insight, there are no straight lines from here to there.

What I did find was advice that I came across time and time again. Write everyday, and publish as consistently as you can.

Fair enough. This is me getting started, this is me taking the first step (again for the third time).

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Now that I have gotten the bold assertions out of the way there are some things that I have worked on to get out of my own way, get myself writing, and working toward hitting the publish button.

Perfectionism Reframed

For a long time perfectionism to me meant not releasing, publishing, or showing someone what I was working on until it looked and felt a certain way.

My perspective has changed. Perfectionism is not an end state, it is a journey. Perfectionism is consistent practice aimed at the goal or task at hand.

The more I practice writing, the more I hit publish, the more feedback I get, the more I will look and feel like a writer.

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration can come in all forms and the ones that have inspired me to write and the habits I am developing around writing are my kids. Each has inspired me in their own ways and taught me lessons that I have been able to apply directly.

Number 1 has taught me the value of starting fast and iterating quickly. I remember watching him with puzzles at a young age. He became fast quickly. When I would watch him the approach he took seemed almost reckless. He would try every piece in every way, but this trial and error prevailed.

Lesson Learned: Get out of your head. Try that piece, try another piece, keep going until things start clicking and you develop into something you were not before.

Number 2 has re-ignited my interest in finding my way into a flow state. His interests have varied from animals, to dinosaurs, and power rangers. No matter his interest the capability to find flow in play is inspiring. It is almost like a switch that can be turned on instantly.

Lesson Learned: There is power in flow when pursuing creative interests. Find what charts your course to flow and harness it as much as you can.

Consistent Practice

The lessons and perspective above has led me to the conclusion that the only way to find out if I am any good at writing is to consistently practice.

Over the course of the last month or so I have had a goal of writing for just 5 minutes a day. It can be creative writing, blog posts, or a journal entry. It is not things that are required for my work (e.g. writing email, creating presentations, writing or curating work documents).

Time will tell how this will work out and if I will continue to take my own advice and thoughts to heart. I hope you read, enjoy, learn, or become inspired by whatever comes flowing out of my flow state!

Brett McCarty

Brett McCarty